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Make online fundraising your star player with the best fundraising platform for teams.

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Fundraising for teams made easy

Online fundraising for teams can be effortless. Leverage an easy-to-use, flexible platform that puts the power in the hands of each person with peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities, then pools the results to benefit your whole organization.

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Your competitive edge in fundraising for teams

Whether you work with a sports group, fundraising teams for nonprofits, or any other cause, the right platform can give you an edge.

Simplify Setup

You shouldn’t need a detailed playbook to set up a team fundraiser. A good platform makes it easy to create and launch donation pages and embed forms in just a few minutes. It also makes your campaign easily shareable so you can increase engagement.

Share your team’s story

Whether you need new uniforms or need to unify your fundraising team, your campaign should match your cause while standing out from the crowd. The best fundraising pages for teams have customizable fonts, colors and images to help tell your story.

Build community

Online fundraising for teams is about bringing people together. A team P2P fundraising platform allows individuals to create and share their own pages. And the ability to send thank-you notes and follow-up communications can build a connection with the community.

Gather new insights

The days of going door-to-door and recording donations in written ledgers are over. Fundraising for teams is easier than ever, and so is tracking your donations and gathering data so you can maximize your campaigns and donation amounts.

What to look for in the best fundraising platforms for teams

Say goodbye to bake sales and hello to seamless, effective online fundraising for teams with these top features. 


Flexibility that fits any process

Make a single campaign page or set up a team fundraiser and raise money together with P2P pages. Team members should be able to add their personal touch to their pages while keeping your brand consistent.


All your fundraising in one place

Your team is connected, and your platform should be too. You’ll want to be able to tap into social networks and personal connections, plus leverage features like leaderboards to keep your team motivated and working together.


Donate anywhere, on any screen

Today’s donors are on-the-go. A platform that automatically adjusts to the screen they’re on lets parents donate mid-game and coworkers donate on their lunch break. And that makes fundraising for teams easier.

Donately is your star player in fundraising for teams

Not all fundraising apps for teams are created equal. See why Donately is at the top of the podium.

P2P Fundraising

Our team P2P fundraising platform allows members to create and share their own pages for your cause. There’s no limit to the number of people or teams you can have on a campaign.

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Customizable Forms

Match your website or team colors with fully customizable backgrounds and fonts, choose the form fields you want, set suggested amounts and accept recurring donations.

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Team Features

From streamlined page setup to intuitive dashboards to leaderboards that encourage the competition, our platform is made with fundraising for teams in mind. 

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FAQs about fundraising for teams

What is the best fundraising platform for teams?

The best platforms for team fundraising are customizable and collaborative. Donately’s user-friendly pages and forms can be set up in minutes and allow you to showcase your team's brand and message. Plus, Donately has P2P functionality to allow individual team members to raise money separately – and to encourage a little friendly competition.

What are some fundraising ideas for sports teams?

One of the best ways for sports teams to fundraise is to put their skills to use: Host a clinic to teach others your sport or an exercise class to get the community moving. Or, have the athletes themselves participate in a sports-a-thon: a swim-a-thon, spin-a-thon, and so on. See how many laps they can do in a given time period or set a high bar of achievement. Online fundraising for teams on a platform like Donately makes it easy to collect donations and thank your donors.

What is Donately's team P2P fundraising platform?

As a fundraising software for nonprofit teams and other organizations, we offer many peer-to-peer features to keep people connected. Donately allows individual team members to set up their own donation pages, track donations in real time, thank donors from their dashboard and see how others are doing, making it easier than ever to reach your fundraising goals.

How do I set up a team fundraiser with Donately?

Setting up a team fundraiser with Donately is easy. Simply sign up for our platform, use our intuitive tools to create your page or form, publish it and share! You can customize your donation page, track donations in real time and analyze donor behavior to optimize your fundraising efforts. And with our team features, you can create and manage pages for an unlimited number of teams and individuals, then let them take it from there.

Can nonprofits use Donately’s team fundraising platform?

Yes! Donately’s team fundraising platform is the ideal solution for nonprofit organizations looking to raise funds for their cause. Our platform is designed with nonprofit teams in mind, and our powerful fundraising analytics and customizable donation pages make it easy to raise awareness, maximize your campaign and reach your fundraising goals.

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