Fundraising, Giving, & Donation Software Platform for Churches

Donately is a powerful online church giving and fundraising platform that makes donating easier than ever for both you and your members.

Magnify your mission with donation software for churches

For churches and faith-based organizations, leveraging fundraising, giving, and donation software is essential to sustaining and expanding your vital work. With Donately, you can do things like run capital fundraising campaigns and take recurring donations, all from one simple-to-manage platform.

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Evolve with the landscape of church fundraisers

Your church plays a vital role in the community and everywhere you spread your mission. To sustain and expand these efforts, churches often rely on the generosity of their members and supporters. Traditional in-person donations, such as collection plates and fundraising events, can be complemented – and sometimes replaced – by the right fundraising, giving, and donation platform.

Church giving software provides effective fundraising and donation solutions

Effective fundraising and donation solutions are crucial for churches to:

Offer Convenience

Online platforms enable congregants to give anytime, anywhere, and in various ways, such as one-time donations, recurring contributions, or outreach-specific giving.

Expand Reach

Using donation software for churches allows you to reach beyond your local community, attracting donations from supporters worldwide who share your same mission and values.

Increase Engagement

Church giving platforms like Donately foster engagement with donors by providing progress updates on fundraising campaigns and showcasing the impact of contributions.

Exceed your goals with church giving software

In today's digital world, having an online giving platform for your church can help you increase engagement with your community and drive more donations. Church giving software allows congregation members to make donations on-the-go, access information, and spread your message.

Fundraising of all types is made easy through Donately’s intuitive software:


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The most profitable church fundraisers often come from the hearts of your members. Empower your congregation to use Donately to create their own fundraising campaigns for your church, helping to spread your message and expand your supporter base.


Event Fundraising

Have a specific event or outreach program you’d like to receive donations for? With Donately, you can easily organize and share these fundraising events and receive donations.



Text giving for churches enables quick and effortless donations for the members of your congregation. It also allows for donors to easily contribute to fundraising efforts with a simple text message.

Benefits of using Donately’s donation software for churches

Take a look at the ways Donately’s church giving and fundraising platform provides you and your members the best possible experience:

Offer ease of use with our church giving platforms

Donately’s interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy to use for church staff, congregation members, and donors alike.

Customize your church donation software with Donately

Donately makes it possible to easily personalize your donation page to match your church's branding, providing a sense of security and familiarity for donors.

Produce some of the most profitable church fundraisers

Donately’s easy-to-use mobile-responsive platform allows your congregation members and supporting donors the convenience and simplicity of donating straight from their smartphones or tablets, increasing your weekly tithe contributions and making it simple for donors to step up and give to your fundraisers.

Provide robust data and analytics

Access donor data that helps you track valuable insights and make informed decisions. Improve your future fundraising and donation efforts with our data and analytics features.

Increase donations with recurring giving

Donately’s church tithing software allows the members of your congregation to easily set up recurring donations, tithes, and offerings, providing your church with a stable and predictable income stream.

Share fundraisers for church on social media

Social sharing has proven itself to be a powerful tool for spreading the message and mission of churches and faith-based organizations. Your members and donors can easily share your efforts on social media, expanding your reach, engagement, and fundraising potential.

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FAQs about church contribution software

Is text giving for churches right for our congregation?

Church giving platforms that offer text giving solutions open up your ability to increase your regular receiving as well as making it simpler for younger generations to donate to your causes.

Raising funds for an upcoming mission or collecting tithes from members of your congregation is just a text away with Donately’s text message donation feature. Just send your donors to a donation page by texting them the link or simplify keeping in touch on various outreach initiatives through this powerful church giving and fundraising platform feature.

Is there a way to keep funds we receive separate or categorized?

With Donately, you can earmark gifts and program-based donations to separate them from general tithes, helping streamline your bookkeeping process.

What payments does Donately's church software accept?

Giving your congregation options when it comes to online donations matters. That’s why Donately offers donors the ability to send funds via credit card, PayPal, ACH, Apple/Google Pay, and more.

Will Donately integrate with my other applications?

Donately offers a seamless experience for your church through thousands of available integrations with leading applications such as MailChimp, Quickbooks, Gmail, SMS, Drive, and so much more.

What are the best church fundraisers?

Donately offers the best online giving for churches, and we’ve seen how powerful donation software can be for increasing your fundraising efforts. Grab the next idea for your church’s fundraising campaign here and use Donately to increase your incoming donations.

Still have questions?

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