The Fundraising Platform for Agencies and Partners

With a focus on revenue sharing, ease of integration, and client success, Donately is the optimal partner for agencies aiming to excel in the competitive world of fundraising.

Boost client success with Donately's tailored solutions

Elevate your agency's offerings by delivering exceptional fundraising solutions tailored to each client's unique needs with Donately. From custom API implementations to seamless integrations, we provide the tools that enable your clients to not just reach but exceed their fundraising goals.

Partners that prosper

Donately goes beyond providing a fundraising platform for your clients by offering a revenue-sharing program that directly contributes to your agency's bottom line. Our 20% revenue share for agency and consultant referrals isn't just an added bonus—it's a direct way to amplify your earnings.

20% Revenue Share

Unlike many platforms that offer a token percentage, our 20% revenue share is designed to make a tangible impact on your agency's finances.

No Cap on Earnings

There are no hidden ceilings or restrictions on how much you can earn, giving you unlimited potential to increase your income based on the number and success of your referrals.

Transparent Financial Reporting

Our platform provides real-time tracking and monthly reports that detail your earnings, enabling you to fully understand and anticipate your financial gains from the partnership.

A Dashboard Designed for Agencies

Donately's dashboard is the ultimate tool for agencies seeking superior fundraising management. Engineered to effortlessly manage multiple client accounts, our platform delivers real-time, in-depth analytics. Go beyond the data; provide your clients with actionable insights that elevate their campaigns and drive meaningful results.


Streamlined Multi-Account Management

Our dashboard is specifically designed for agencies managing multiple accounts. Effortlessly monitor the pulse of each client from a single interface.


Real-Time Performance Metrics

Don't just track; act. With real-time indicators, know immediately if a campaign is working as planned or needs adjustment.


Advanced Analytics and Insights

Leverage our robust analytics for a holistic view of campaign outcomes, ensuring you can demonstrate compelling ROI to your clients with confidence.

Seamless Integrations,
Zero Stress

Integrations can be a hassle. But with Donately, they don't have to be. Our team is dedicated to handling integrations for you, ensuring a hassle-free onboarding experience for your clients. 

Direct integration services

Entrust us with the backend work. With our direct integration services, we handle the technicalities, ensuring your clients get a seamless start.

Broad Platform Compatibility

With direct integrations to popular platforms like Webflow and WordPress, we ensure that you can readily offer Donately's powerful features to a broad spectrum of clients.

No third-party dependencies

Eliminate the need for external tools with our native integrations, cutting down on both costs and potential points of failure, making life easier for you and your clients.

We’re with you, every step of the way

Customer support isn't an afterthought; it's integrated into the Donately experience. From your initial onboarding to ongoing operations, we provide direct access to expert guidance, making sure you never feel stuck or unsupported. With our dedicated Slack channel and continuous customer support, we're essentially an extension of your team, ready to assist whenever you need us.

Immediate Slack Support

Bypass the traditional waiting period with our Slack channel, ensuring that questions are addressed immediately, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

Beyond Onboarding

The onboarding phase is just the beginning of our partnership. With our comprehensive post-onboarding assistance, we ensure that you're well-equipped to maximize the platform's potential at every stage.

Expertise at your Fingertips

Whether it's a technical question, a best practice, or anything in between, our team of experts is just a click away, ready to provide insights, advice, and solutions tailored to your agency's needs.

Limitless Possibilities with our API

Donately’s API is a playground for innovation. This is where your agency can translate its most ambitious creative visions into reality. Our easy-to-implement code blocks and comprehensive sample library serve as building blocks, empowering you to deliver uniquely tailored fundraising solutions for each of your clients.

Limitless Customization

From minor tweaks to major overhauls, our API is built to accommodate every creative vision, offering limitless potential for personalization.

Turnkey Code Blocks

Don’t start from scratch. Implement your vision faster and more efficiently with our ready-made code blocks.

Robust Sample Library

Gain inspiration and accelerate development with a rich library of sample projects and code snippets.

Seamless Implementations

Our API doesn't just offer versatility; it's designed for straightforward integration, allowing you to swiftly turn your creative ideas into functional realities.

Crafted by experts, just like you

What sets Donately apart is its origin story: we were created by an agency, for agencies. This foundational element allows us to inherently understand the challenges, aspirations, and intricacies that agencies like yours face. We've been in your shoes and designed Donately to fit them perfectly.

Agency-Oriented Insights

Donately stems from rich agency experience, ensuring solutions are crafted from firsthand knowledge and tailored to address genuine agency needs.

Purposely designed features

With each function thoughtfully created for agencies, our platform offers intuitive, streamlined, and impactful tools tailored for professional fundraising operations.

Partnership-First Approach

Our agency roots compel us to go beyond mere customer service; we aim to establish strong, collaborative, and lasting relationships with our agency partners.

Donately makes happy customers

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