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Support any cause that’s close to your heart with simple yet powerful individual fundraising sites.

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Make a difference with personal fundraising

Changing one person’s life is a step toward changing the world. Whether you’re celebrating good times or helping out in tough times, the right fundraising platform for individuals empowers you to make a difference. 

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Popular causes for individual fundraising sites

There’s no limit to the causes you can support with online fundraising platforms for individuals. Here are some of the top reasons individuals ask for donations.

Dreams & Projects

Start a fund for your wedding, travel dreams, home projects, and more

Health & Medical

Pay for your medical bills or those of someone you love – including pets

Good Causes

Raise money for a nonprofit, organization, or cause close to your heart

Kids & Family

Help your kids take a trip, join a team, or participate in extracurriculars


Raise emergency funds after an accident, natural disaster, or job loss


Collect donations in memory of a loved one to support funeral expenses

Benefits of the best fundraising platforms for individuals

Individual fundraising may be personal, but the benefits are universal. Whatever your cause or fundraising goals, the best crowdfunding platforms let you do these three things.

Tell your story

Your story is as unique as you are, and your fundraising platform for individuals should empower you to tell it in your own voice. The best platforms have flexible pages and embeddable forms that are easy to customize, look beautiful, and help tell your story in a compelling and shareable way.

Raise funds fast

Online fundraising platforms for individuals not only make it easy to get the word out, but also to raise money quickly. Start accepting funds right away with user-friendly donation pages and forms. Encourage more donations with a quick checkout process and a variety of payment options.

What to look for in fundraising sites for personal use

It can seem there are as many donation platforms as there are causes to support, but they’re not all created equal.

Easy to Use

Fundraising platforms for individuals should be simple and straightforward for both you and your donors, making it easy to set up a campaign and easy to contribute.


Often what sets apart the best fundraising platforms for individuals is customization. With embedded forms, you can use your own website, fonts, and images to make your personal page feel truly personal.


While the majority of fundraising platforms aren’t free, most individuals will want to find one with minimal costs and the ability to ask donors to cover fees.

Create a community

Human beings are at our best when we rally around a cause. Individual fundraising sites can help you build a sense of community through sharing features, follow-up communications, and thank you notes. When your campaign ends, every contributor will celebrate along with you.

Why is Donately the best fundraising site for individuals?

Ready to change a life? Donately makes it easy to set up an individual fundraising campaign for any cause – and get the most from it.


Simple Setup

Sign up in less than five minutes and create your first donation page right away. Explore all the possibilities or keep it simple – we’re here for you either way.


P2P Fundraising

Earn donations and raise awareness when you allow your supporters to create their own pages for your cause through our P2P fundraising platform.


Free Version

Our free pricing plan costs you $0 up front and just a 4% platform fee. You get mobile-friendly, flexible forms and pages, third-party integrations, reporting, and customer support.

How to set up your individual fundraiser

Sign up and get started in less than five minutes 

Set up your campaign page using our intuitive dashboard

Promote your page on social media and collect donations

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FAQs about fundraising platforms for individuals

Can I fundraise for myself?

Yes – you can absolutely fundraise for yourself. You can use individual fundraisers to gather donations for just about any cause, as long as the money goes where you say it will. You can also fundraise for another individual or on behalf of a nonprofit or another cause.

How do I ask for personal donations?

It can be hard to pin down exactly how many crowdfunding platforms there are at any given time, but according to one estimate, that number was 1,478 in 2021. In that year, the crowdfunding market was valued at $13.64 billion globally and was forecast to double by 2028. That’s a lot of crowdfunding!

What is the best crowdfunding platform in 2023?

The best crowdfunding platform for you depends on your needs and personal preferences. For a very basic page, GoFundMe or Kickstarter can get the job done. But if you want a more customized page specifically designed to drive donations, or want the ability to build a form into an existing website, then a site like Donately may have what you need.

Are there any free fundraising platforms for individuals in 2023?

The truth is that the majority of fundraising platforms for individuals aren’t truly free. While there may not be sign-up fees or a monthly subscription cost, nearly all platforms will take a transaction fee that is a percentage of each donation. Most will charge a combination of subscription and transaction fees, so the key is to find the one that’s best for you. At Donately, our free version has no subscription fee and a 2-4% transaction fee. You can also ask donors to cover the fees for their donation so that you receive 100% of the money.

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